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Our Mission: Making You Look Good

Our mission here at Tantamount is to make you look good with pleadings and writing samples that are well written and convey your message in a clear and concise manner. Helping you impress a judge or a prospective employer with your legal writings is what we do best here at Tantamount.

Tips for Law Students and Lawyers

Contrary Authority

Often in a pleading you are tempted to give your strongest argument and ignore case law and authority that is inconsistent with your argument. Do not pretend that such contrary authority does not exist. Instead, address it before your opposition does and distinguish it from the facts of your case. If you do this directly, the court will give more weight to your balanced argument.

Dress Appropriately

Your client will expect you to look the part of an attorney on television. The court will expect you to be dressed properly as an officer of the court. Men, always wear and suit, tie, and properly shined dress shoes to court. Women, always wear a suit to court. If it is a pant suit, the pants should not be skin tight. Skirts should not be tight miniskirts. You are going to court, not clubbing.

Be Professional

Sarcasm and snarkiness have no place in your pleadings or your oral arguments. At all times maintain a professional demeanor. If your opponent engages in such conduct, rise above it and demonstrate how a true professional behaves. As a result, you will be respected and treated with courtesy by the court.

Have Confidence

First impressions really do matter. In your capacity as a lawyer, always greet people with a charming smile, direct eye contact, and a firm handshake. Believe in yourself and your legal skills and knowledge. Such confidence will encourage everyone you meet to believe in your abilities and perceive you as successful.

Protect Your Reputation

The most precious commodity you have as a lawyer is your good name. No client is worth compromising your ethics for or tarnishing your reputation. If you have doubts that something might be an ethical violation, don’t do it.

Check Yourself

Never submit a pleading without first Shepardizing your citations to ensure that they are still good law. Additionally, you should always have someone proofread your pleading before filing it. If it is full of mistakes and typographical errors, the judge will subconsciously—if not consciously—discount your arguments and be more likely to rule against you.

See Improvement

We will work closely with you to improve your legal writing abilities. The first project you send us may be very rough and need a lot of work. But by the time we have worked with you on numerous projects, your writing will have greatly improved and will need much less editing advice from us. Having someone work one on one with you to focus on your writing will be a huge benefit to your career. We will help focus your thoughts and ensure that your analysis is sound. IRAC will become second nature to you, and you will automatically conform to that framework with every legal document you write.