Editing Fees

Law Students

For law students, our editing fees are generally a flat rate of $25 per hour for legal editing. Just provide proof of current enrollment in law school and you will be eligible for our law student rate. After graduating and passing the bar, you can continue to enjoy the $25 law student rate for the first year of your practice. Since it is the beginning of your career, we want to continue giving you a solid writing foundation, and help you look good to your partners so they feel they made the right decision in hiring you.


For attorneys, our editing fees are generally a flat rate of $50 per hour for legal editing. We will fix any grammatical mistakes you have made, in addition to improving the flow of the document by reorganizing it if necessary. If it seems as if an issue needs to be fleshed out, or a quotation from a cited case inserted, we will let you know. If it appears as if you are off base, or your analysis just does not make sense, we will let you know in a comment, and often will suggest a revision with a possible rewrite.

Rates quoted here are a general guideline. Per page fees or other fee arrangements are possible. Contact us to discuss your specific project and needs.


For both attorneys and law students, we will assume that the cases you cite stand for the proposition for which they are cited and are good law. Consequently, unless you specify otherwise, we will not do citation checks of cited cases. However, we will ensure that cases cited are in correct format, be it The Blue Book format, or otherwise.

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