All-Important Interview

Have you been sending out numerous copies of your resume and writing sample and are still unable to secure that all-important interview? There are many factors that go into determining whether or not you are invited to an interview. Here are some of the factors:

  • Class Ranking,
  • Extracurricular Activities,
  • Am Jur Awards,
  • Ties to the Community,
  • Professional Resume, and
  • Impeccable Writing Sample.

When you are seeking a summer internship, or a permanent job placement, there is nothing you can do at that time about your class ranking, extracurricular activities, Am Jur awards, or ties to a particular community. These factors are set and they are what they are. However, you can lessen their impact by submitting a professional resume and an impeccable writing sample. The resume should highlight something unique about you that sets you apart from all the other candidates. The writing sample is concrete proof that not only can you think like a lawyer, but you can write like one too. Your Tantamount legal editor can help you achieve a flawless writing sample to help secure that all-important interview.

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