Persuasive Pleadings

Do you write persuasive pleadings which convince a judge your position is the best and that the ruling should be in your client’s favor? Obviously, just being well-written is not sufficient; you need to have well-researched case law and analysis which supports the contentions you are making. Even if you have the case law on your side, if you cannot clearly and directly convey that case law in a well-written pleading, you are likely to lose.

Do not forget IRAC: Issue, Rule, Analysis, and Conclusion.This is not merely a law school construct. It must be utilized in every legal writing you do, from opinion letters to appellate briefs. Always utilize the IRAC framework, for every issue you are arguing. If you stray from this basic framework, your Tantamount legal editor will remind you of IRAC and will show you where your writing is lacking (most likely in the analysis department).

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